Susi Evans

Klezmer and Balkan clarinet


It was the white-suited, balck top-hatted clarinettist, Susi Evans, who stole the evening for me..”
audience member at the Aldburgh Festival


I studied the clarinet with London’s top orchestral musicians from the age of 16 at the Purcell School and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2004. It was whilst studying the clarinet in Hungary when I was 19 that I first heard klezmer music. The following year I attended London’s first Klezfest and co-founded the award-winning klezmer and Balkan group, She’Koyokh.

I travel extensively in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2005 I studied in Istanbul with the late, great, Selim Sesler. I attend the annual Bulgarian Folk Seminar at the Music Academy in Plovdiv where I study clarinet with Nikola Iliev, piano accordion with Georgi Zafirov Seymenski and gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) with Ivan Georgiev.

As well as performing with She’Koyokh since 2001, I am a founder member of the London Klezmer Quartet who have toured in Australia six times. I perform in a klezmer duo with German-based accordionist Szilvia Csaranko. My other bands include the Bucimis Trio and the Zika & Susi Balkan Ensemble and I sang for many years with the Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir. I co-host the monthly global-folk-open-mic in Hackney and attend the London klezmer jam sessions whenever i can. I am Programme Director for Klezfest 2020 and am a regular faculty member at Yiddish Summer Weimar.

I have recorded sessions for, toured and performed with Frank London, Jocelyn Pook, Cigdem Aslan, Alan Bern, Abdullah Chaadeh, Daphna Sadeh, Bond, Klezmer Klub, Parvaz Ensemble, Eugenia Georgieva, Kosmos, and others.

Read my CV here.